[45+46/365] Thirty Seconds: New Year’s Resolution

This NYE was one of the best ever.

Like keen beans, Sadie and I went into town (Zürich central) early.  We took photographs of the Christmas lights, drank Glühwein, and found ourselves dancing inside a latin music tent to keep warm.  By 10pm we’d decided we were keen to keep dancing, but in our pyjamas, surrounded by cats, and preferably whilst watching the BBC’s coverage of Hogmanay, so we headed home to Glattpark.  We weren’t terribly bothered about missing the fireworks.

When we got home, there were lots of explosions going on outside.  And at midnight, we thought we’d better head out and take a look.

And this is what we saw.


So we DIDN’T miss the fireworks!  We had our own private show.  It was very dangerous but mostly very exciting to have people setting them off only metres away from us!  I loved it.

I’ve done something a bit different with the footage – I’ve done a composite, and the fireworks footage is playing in reverse, as is the score, which definitely has Eternal Sunshine vibes.

Here’s to 2017!  And 319 more films.  Eek.

Score: Garageband

Editing: Final Cut Pro


[40/365] Thirty Seconds: The Ice Rink

On Boxing Day evening we went ice skating in the courtyard of the Schweizerisches Nationalmuseum (Swiss National Museum).  It was beautiful.

I also just happened to shoot some footage of a little tiny ice rink in the window of a Zürich juwelier… and when I put the two together, they were a little creepy!

So, that’s the vibe I went for with the score… I thought about making it festive and Christmassy but in end, the footage gave me a Donnie Darko feeling, so that’s what I went with.  Excuse my singing as always.


Score: Garageband

Editing: Final Cut Pro

Children laughing sounds: freesound.org

Ice skating sounds: freesound.org


[39/365] Thirty Seconds: Nativity World Record


I arrived back in Calne, Wiltshire in the early hours of Saturday, 3rd December (1am to be specific).  It had been a long journey from Sydney (2 trains, 3 planes, 1 bus, to continue to be specific) but I had a very important task that day…

To participate in the people of Calne’s attempt to BREAK THE WORLD RECORD for the MOST LIVING FIGURES IN A NATIVITY SCENE.


Apparently there were 1,254 participants and the world record, previously held by Americans, was successfully broken.

There were Guinness World Records officials there and news reporters and actual real donkeys and everything.

Guinness World Records article

BBC article


Score: Garageband

Editing: Final Cut Pro

[38/365] Thirty Seconds: Fetch, Ruby!

Little Ruby is the first dog we looked after in England, and we visited her and her super cute cat siblings and delightful human family just before we came to Zurich on December 23rd.

I know I say all animals are sweet but honestly, Ruby is pecan pie sweet.  She is just gorgeous and I love her!  She’s just a pup and she is full of energy but she also sleeps like a baby.  She is good at capturing people’s hearts.

She is also a VERY good fetcher of things, most especially balls and squeak toys, so it was only fitting that I include her in the Project with a film about her doing what she does best!

The score is a mashup of Apple loops, I wish it was me playing that jazzy 70s electric piano, but it is almost 4am (I’ll sleep when I’m dead) and my fingers aren’t cooperating today, so I’ve just combined a few different loops for Ruby.  I think it totally suits her, anyway!

Love you Ruby Roo, my number one Cockapoo.


Score: Garageband

Editing: Final Cut Pro

[36+37/365] Thirty Seconds: On a London Bus at Christmas



Another double project, so soon I know, but it was impossible to just show half of these Christmas lights, they were just spectacular!  It really needed to be 60 seconds.

We were in London for two nights only, between Bristol and Zurich.  We decided to do our own ‘Christmas lights’ tour on a bus, and oh my goodness, wow!

Never in my life have I seen such Christmas lights as the display on Oxford Street… I was completely blown away, and for £1.50 bus ride, I couldn’t believe my eyes… it was like going to a million dollar show!

The score is a horns project I wrote a little while ago, for some reason I didn’t want the music to be too jolly and Christmassy (as much as I love Christmas, I am also quite fascinated with capturing the melancholy of the silly season), and I’m pretty obsessed with horns at the moment.  All music needs a brass section.  And I think Christmas would agree with that statement.

Score: Garageband

Editing: Final Cut Pro

[35/365] Thirty Seconds: Tangerine Birthday Cake

My birthday was back in November, in Edinburgh, and Sadie made a vegan tangerine/mandarine drizzle cake as an accompaniment to a delicious dinner.

I love lemony citrus ANYTHING so it was a total hit.

Thank you Sadie, I strongly maintain that you should open a cafe, your cooking skills are out of this world, girl!

The score is also part of a little song I wrote for Sadie waaaay back in 2015, for her birthday… I’ve used it because it seems to fit the cooking show vibe really nicely.

AS ALWAYS… Thank you from the bottom of my heart for watching my films and reading my blog, I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart, like you wouldn’t believe!


Score: Garageband

Editing: Final Cut Pro

[34/365] Thirty Seconds: Ashton Court Deer

There’s this magical place in Bristol called Ashton Court Estate.  It is a huge park with grassland and woodland and deer, and a mansion stuck smack bang in the middle, for good measure.  They also have the annual hot air balloon fiesta there.  And some kind of Santa Claus bike ride in December, as we discovered!

But this film is not about the Santa Claus bike ride or the balloons, it’s about the deer, because deer are gorgeous and should NOT be eaten, and it took every ounce of my being not to free the deer.  I’m not sure where I would have put them but I just wish people wouldn’t eat them.  Especially at Christmas time when Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is playing all the time.  It’s just not right.



Also, the score is not great, it’s very late at night and it turns out I’ve played the same chords as ‘Pictures of You’ by The Cure and ‘Wildest Dreams’ by Tay Tay.  So I haven’t stolen them because Tay Tay stole them first.

Score: Garageband

Editing: Final Cut Pro