[3/365] Thirty Seconds: Robot Restaurant ロボットレストラン

I was a little time-poor, so I decided to work with some old footage today.

We went to Japan for my 30th birthday last November.  Holy flippin’ flaps it was bloody amazing.

The Robot Restaurant was a Tokyo highlight.  We were taken there by the truly gorgeous Fashion Hayley, who is a former Tokyo resident and a Japanese culture wizard, capable of ordering vegetarian food and navigating the epic train stations (things I never quite mastered).

The experience can’t really be described with words – a great excuse to watch the video!  But if you also want a verbal account, well, it was like being 11 years old and drinking red cordial for hours while you alternate between games of Robo-Dinosaur vs Unicorn (with glowsticks taped all over your body), and breakdancing and drum competitions (whilst wearing a rainbow mullet wig), then somehow eventually falling asleep, only to find yourself in the dream that is the Robot Restaurant.

Only in Japan.

Score: Garageband

Editing: iMovie


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