[6/365] Thirty Seconds: Hyde Park Skater

So I’m a little behind because I spent 64 hours in transit over the weekend when I flew back to Australia for 4 days WHAT WAIT WHY HOW WHO DOES THAT???

Basically Camp Bitch 2016 happened and, with very short notice, I flew back to the Great Ocean Road to both attend and film the event.  And let me tell you now, it was an EVENNNTTTT.  It was very very unlike me to throw caution to the wind and agree to catch couple of planes but hey, this appears to be my year of living dangerously, so off I went, and IT WAS A GOOD DECISION.

I don’t know if my filming did proper visual justice to the epic-ness of the weekend, but it was an incredible camp and I am ridiculously excited to start editing the footage.  There were some serious show-ponies in attendance, and I’m running through all kinds of different documentary styles in my head to adequately showcase all of the real hot lycra ensembles / choreographed dances / bitching personalities.  The editing is scheduled to happen over the next 3 weeks.  I’m going to be busy!

For now… we have a very lazy Hyde Park skater film.  The skater isn’t lazy (he is seriously so excellent) – I am.  But just for the record, I’m not regular lazy, I’m jet lagged lazy, which is different and more forgivable I think.  It’s been hard to get much done since I returned due to the post-camp come-down combined with the excitement of being in Glasgow.

Yes!  We are in Glasgow now.  A special shout out to Sadie, the legendary human, for driving up to Scotland alone, all the way from Cambridge, and for surprising me at the airport with a COOL CUSTOM SIGN.  Way to make a gross smelly traveller feel special!

My GOODNESS this city is gorgeous!  I think I’m in love… again!

The Autumn leaves on the blog banner are all thanks to Kelvingrove Park (which is just down the road from our house) and its stunning showcase of fierce Fall colours.  Expect some films featuring these beauties in due course.  And don’t even get me started on our new furry friends… watch this space!

For now though, please enjoy this bloody mesmerising skater dude, my ridiculous use of Final Cut Pro effects (yeah look I may have overdone it), and a score that is made up of no original music unfortunately – just a big combination of some fully sick Garageband loops. It’s all very default.  It’s a 60 minute job.  I’ll do better tomorrow, I promise.


I am really trying to push through this jet lag so I can catch up on the Project schedule and produce some quality stuff.  Wish me luck!

Score: Garageband

Editing: Final Cut Pro


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