[7/365] Thirty Seconds: Little Jimmy Johnson at Sink the Pink

Have you ever been to a Sink the Pink performance?




According to their website, Sink the Pink are a “World Famous Genderfuck Army, Queering the Norm and Taking Over the Planet”.

When you go to a Sink the Pink night you prepare yourself, mentally and physically, to have Madonna and Beyonce blasting in your ears, and arse, tits, glitter, sequins and sweat thrusting in your face.  The costumes are outrageous and the queens are next-level.

We went to see them at the University of East Anglia in Norwich 2 weeks ago, and I don’t think those wee uni kids in the audience had ever experienced SUCH A TIME.

I’m probably going to do a few Sink the Pink films because I got so much footage, but for now, this one is all about Little Jimmy Johnson, one of the stars of the show.  I can’t find a link for him specifically, but he’s all over the Sink the Pink Facebook page.

Jimmy, I love you.

The music in this one is QUESTIONABLE because it was reeeeeally hard to think of what kind of original score would be appropriate, given Sink the Pink is all about the pop.  Pop to the max.  Pop to the limit.

But I tried my best, and look, it could be worse.  Initially I wanted something with ultra-camp brass and disco beats (think Kim Mazelle’s cover of Young Hearts Run Free), but I was having too much fun with loops again, and ended up with some kind of frantic Comic Con type game-show theme tune, and a little electro tuba.  I did separate the audio of the footage and had a play with chopping it up, and I’m quite happy with this part of the sound.

I think I’d get a GOOD TRY ribbon.

Score: Garageband

Editing: Final Cut Pro


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