[8/365] Thirty Seconds: Autumn in Kensington Gardens

It’s a day late but worth it.

I am actually really proud of this film!

When I shot the footage (just over 3 weeks ago when I visited London – the very day I decided the Project was definitely going to happen) I knew exactly what kind of score I wanted in my head.  I was feeling David Attenborough, Jane Austen, strings to the max.

Great, Great Britain, with rising violins soaring through my chest.

The score is far from perfect – I struggle a little bit with Garageband timing and I think a few of the notes are not quite on the intended beat – but all in all, it has a pretty nice crescendo, and it really gives me the Autumn feel I was looking for.

Garageband ‘Smart Strings’ are very aptly named… You can create staccato strings, plucking and hollywood romance all with one electronic instrument.  Garageband is a seriously awesome free program, and I am so grateful it exists as I really can’t afford to buy expensive software while I’m in career transition stage (ie. unemployed).

I hope this gives you beautiful Autumn vibes.  It’s my favourite season.  And OMG I love squirrels.

Score: Garageband

Editing: Final Cut Pro


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