[9/365] Thirty Seconds: Glaswegian Halloween

Glasgow does Halloween really well.  I always thought America was King of Halloween.  Maybe it is.  But Scotland is definitely Queen, which is basically better, because Kings are traditionally womanising douchebags who can’t even choose which sister they want to date whereas Queens are amazing stoic faithful legends, even though they marry their first cousins.  OK so that’s just Henry VIII and Victoria.  And I’m probably projecting a little too much Trump vs Clinton onto those situations.


Basically since coming to Glasgow it’s been noticeably Halloweeny on an ultimate level.  All the shop windows have been full of cobwebs and pumpkins and other orange orange orange things.



And last night we dressed up and went to the pub that is 30 seconds from our house and they were playing Rocky Horror on a big TV and they had Halloween cocktails named WITCHES BREW and SPOOKY SANGRIA and I just know that the bar staff appreciated my fake nosebleed because of the special smiles they gave me.

Today’s film is basically a montage of Glasgow West End shop windows plus a bit of our pumpkins at the end with a super kitsch Scooby Doo tune over the top.  It’s cringe-worthy.  I cringed a lot while I made it, and almost gave up because so much cringing hurts my face.  But now it makes me smile because I can see the LOL factor.

Cringe muscles, at ease.

I couldn’t find bagpipes on Garageband so unfortunately we are stuck with tacky organ music in a minor key with some spooky 80s synth thrown in for extra HOCUS POCUS.

There’s nothing Glaswegian about this score at all, but it does pay homage to all sad horror music there ever was.  TRIBUTE.

Score: Garageband

Editing: Final Cut Pro


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