[13/365] Thirty Seconds: Piggy Loves Leaves

What even IS the genre of this musical score?

I’m going to call it Pigstep.  Like Dubstep, except probably not at all like Dubstep for genuine Dubstep listeners, but nonetheless sincerely and non-professionally created in honour of an EXCELLENT and PASSIONATE dog named Piggy.

Sadie says the score sounds like music for a VIDEO GAME DOG and I should probably stop being so self-deprecating about the scores because it’s boring and also JUST DON’T.  I think she’s right.

Obvs this was very fun and easy to film.  Basically I’ve cut up about 90 seconds of footage of Piggy engaging in his favourite seasonal activity:


Today is OFFICIAL CATCH UP DAY.  I am sitting by the window looking at Edinburgh, who is begging me to come out and play with her, but I will sit here until I am caught up.  Luckily I have an excellent ginger kitten keeping me company.


So Piggy – the star of this film – is a great little dog.  He is super playful but also very placid and sweet.  We looked after he and his Pug sister (who will be featured in a later film) in Glasgow, and like all pets we have looked after so far, I miss him terribly!

I hope you like Piggy a whole lot after watching this film.  That’s my aim.


Onto the next one.

Score: Garageband

Editing: Final Cut Pro


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