[16/365] Thirty Seconds: Spark

I’m not going to say too much about this one.

I’ll simply say that it was inspired by a recent conversation with a friend, and the idea was extrapolated from there.

I used footage I shot at Bonfire Night over the weekend, as well as little snippets of archive footage I have.

I used the Ken Burns crop effect to zoom in on the bonfire.

The score is one I wrote years ago, I just found it on my hard drive, and I really felt like it suited the mood I was going for.  It’s a little bit like a heartbeat.  And I’ve got a thing for heartbeats in music.

The narration was difficult to record, I kept second-guessing the tone of my voice, and I have a newfound respect for all voice actors!

Score: Garageband

Editing: Final Cut Pro


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