[18/365] Thirty Seconds: LA TOMATINA (Leo and the Cherry Tomato)

In these dark times, let us be comforted by a wee kitten with a wee tomato.

Today is a two film day because I had a day off yesterday due to mourning.

But like so many of my friends, although I’m terrified of the way the world is headed, I’m also extremely determined to fight hatred and bigotry, and tell the stories of people (and creatures) making a positive difference, through filmmaking.  So today I got up and explored Edinburgh and made two happy films.

My first subject is a young man whose motto is LET LOVE (of tiny tomatoes) TRUMP HATE.

Puns rule and so do kittens.

Little Leo has been my companion during the Project this past week… he is either on my lap, on the piano (as pictured – right now!) or trying to sit on the keyboard.  We have play breaks, and today’s break involved a cherry tomato and a tripod.  I love him (and his sister Tara) very much!


OH AND THE SCORE is a piece of piano music I wrote almost 14 years ago. I felt it was FITTING for this film.

This is my most Wes Anderson film of all time and I am very proud of it.



Score: Garageband

Editing: Final Cut Pro


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