[19/365] Thirty Seconds: Sweet Puggy

This is HAPPY FILM NUMBER TWO of the day.  My refusal to be sad about the state of the world is best communicated with very sweet animals, so I have made two animal films in a row!

Pug – Puggy – is one of our Glasgow babies.

She is blind and deaf and very old but she has this incredible zest for life… and man does she love treats.   Pug is walked mostly in her pushchair, but she has a special path in Kelvingrove Park that she walks, all by herself!

The score for Puggy’s film is called ‘Song for Mouse’, because that’s what it is – a song that I wrote for a very, very special rat named Mouse, who we lost unexpectedly last year.  I wrote this song and I put Mouse’s personality into it.  She’s on the right, and one of her sisters, Daisy, is on the left.

Mouse has given her song to Puggy, because they are kindred spirits.  Sugar and spice and all things nice.

I hope you enjoy this film and get to know Puggy a little better – and I hope it makes you feel like the world is not as dark as we think.

Score: Garageband

Editing: Final Cut Pro


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