[21/365] Thirty Seconds: Macy the Cat

It’s been a long time since my last upload!  ‘Tissues’ actually developed into a pretty nasty stomach bug and I was bedridden for a week.  I also spent a fortnight in Australia, photographing a wedding and visiting family and friends.

I had the best intentions to make films while I was away, but it was almost impossible – I was so, so busy.  I decided I need an alternative, more portable instrument, and so I have brought RAMONE THE UKULELE back to England.

Ramone is making his Thirty Second Project debut by accompanying MACY THE CAT on her half-a-minute of YouTube fame.

Macy lives with my Aunt in Queensland and she is one of the most delicious beasts I have ever met.  Who needs a tail when you’re as sassy as Macy?

If The Thirty Second Project totally implodes, and if wedding photography falls through too, maybe – just maybe – I could be totally entreprenpurrrrial and make a career out of singing theme songs for people’s cats.  Surely that would be a sell out show at the Edinburgh Fringe?


Score: Garageband

Editing: Final Cut Pro


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