[26/365] Thirty Seconds: Kali’s Beach Mission

This is my Dad’s dog, Kali.

We believe Kali is a Labradoodle, but she could also be part sheep.  Regardless of her pedigree, she is my Dad’s BFF.

She’s my furry (or not so furry in this film – Dad just sheared her) sister, and going to Australia was a good chance for me to include her in the Thirty Second Project.

As you can see, Kali is on a mission to enjoy EVERYTHING about the beach – the sunshine, the sand, the waves, the wind, and the smelly-dead-ocean-things amongst the washed-up seaweed that she can roll in.  LOVES IT.

I played around with some banjo and guitar loops for the score… I was initially thinking ‘fun outdoorsy acoustic guitar sounds’… but ultimately I combined a few different dramatic orchestral Apple loops, and I think the result is totally cinematic.

Because this face is worthy of a FULL ORCHESTRA.


Score: Garageband

Editing: Final Cut Pro


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