[31+32/365] Thirty Seconds: Festive AF

31 DAYS!  A calendar month of videos!  930 seconds!  And then some, because I always go a little over!

This said, The Thirty Second Project has now officially been underway since October 18th, and today is December 17th, so yeah… a little behind schedule, but I’m still proud of myself!  I’m taking the 4 twenty-something hour flights and time in Oz without an instrument into account, and giving myself a little leeway.  I want to be disciplined but also reasonable with myself, otherwise I’m more likely to just give up.


Jess is the star of this film.  Jess was born in Oz but her parents are English and she’s been living in London for years, so she’s well British by now.

She hosted a Christmas party in London and everyone got drunk and ate meat, except me, I ate potato chips and filmed everyone getting drunk.  It was fantastic.  And I shot so much footage that I had to make it a double.


Score: Garageband using edited midi files from christmasgifts.com

Editing: Final Cut Pro




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