[35/365] Thirty Seconds: Tangerine Birthday Cake

My birthday was back in November, in Edinburgh, and Sadie made a vegan tangerine/mandarine drizzle cake as an accompaniment to a delicious dinner.

I love lemony citrus ANYTHING so it was a total hit.

Thank you Sadie, I strongly maintain that you should open a cafe, your cooking skills are out of this world, girl!

The score is also part of a little song I wrote for Sadie waaaay back in 2015, for her birthday… I’ve used it because it seems to fit the cooking show vibe really nicely.

AS ALWAYS… Thank you from the bottom of my heart for watching my films and reading my blog, I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart, like you wouldn’t believe!


Score: Garageband

Editing: Final Cut Pro


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