[38/365] Thirty Seconds: Fetch, Ruby!

Little Ruby is the first dog we looked after in England, and we visited her and her super cute cat siblings and delightful human family just before we came to Zurich on December 23rd.

I know I say all animals are sweet but honestly, Ruby is pecan pie sweet.  She is just gorgeous and I love her!  She’s just a pup and she is full of energy but she also sleeps like a baby.  She is good at capturing people’s hearts.

She is also a VERY good fetcher of things, most especially balls and squeak toys, so it was only fitting that I include her in the Project with a film about her doing what she does best!

The score is a mashup of Apple loops, I wish it was me playing that jazzy 70s electric piano, but it is almost 4am (I’ll sleep when I’m dead) and my fingers aren’t cooperating today, so I’ve just combined a few different loops for Ruby.  I think it totally suits her, anyway!

Love you Ruby Roo, my number one Cockapoo.


Score: Garageband

Editing: Final Cut Pro


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