Hi there!  Thanks for visiting my blog!

My name is Alanna Cook, but Cookie Dalloway is my photographic alias, and I also go by Bronequa (if we’re talking Real Hot Bitches stage names).

For a lengthy explanation of how The Thirty Second Project came about, AKA if you’re procrastinating big time or you’re staring down the tunnel of a really long commute, please check out my first blog post.

If you’re after the brief version… Let’s go all out with proper dot points!

In a nutshell:

  • I finished high school, went to law school, and worked as a family violence / child protection lawyer for almost 8 years.
  • I really loved my job, but something was always just a little bit not-quite-right.  No matter how hard I closed my eyes, I couldn’t actually envision myself, as a 65 year old lady, at my legal profession retirement lunch.
  • My grandma died last Christmas, and the night before her funeral, I chronicled her entire life in photographs, and I felt like – for the first time – I understood the meaning of the phrase ‘life is short’.  I began questioning my choices.
  • I quit my job, and now I’m living in the UK, house-sitting in a whole bunch of different places with my best friend and some super cute furry foster babies.  The nomadic lifestyle fits me like a glove.
  • I’m pursuing a career in filmmaking.  And I’m also working really hard at establishing a photography business.  Because if I never try, I’ll never know.
  • Oh, and I’m a little bit obsessed with Mary Oliver quotes.

“Listen.  Are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?”

The Thirty Second Project is a record of my decision to teach myself how to shoot, edit, and score tiny films, every day.  My goal is to gain employment in the industry before the expiration of one year.

Please feel free to give me feedback, and please also feel free to share my blog with anyone you think might be interested.  And of course, if you want to collaborate on any projects, in any way at all, drop me a line!  Thanks once again for being here, it means so much to me.


Photos courtesy of the Instagram of @whatsadiesaid (Thank you for taking pictures of all of the happiest times xoxo)